About Us


With a goal of adding Multiple Sports Programs and Physical Activity for our Upcoming Youth the main aim is to promote Sports for development of Young Talents in India. Making Sports Accessible to every individual thereby aiming Holistic Development of the Kid.

Up and running since 3rd March 2017, Ave Maria Sports Academy is all about helping you, as a parent, explore your child’s first step into the land of sports, or further enhance their game-skills. Not just that, Ave Maria Sports Academy is also about turning your school-time sporty memories into live action and fitness routine, for the busy professional in you! The dream is to encourage as many youngsters as possible, to embrace sports as a lifestyle, from an early age, by facilitating the process of sports participation.

Our Club is now associated with AFCAI and Recognised at WIFA

Ave Maria Sports Academy is a true marriage between technology and sports – a great team of young sports enthusiasts. Besides bringing together coaches/academies with young athletes, Ave Maria Sports Academy also has a platform for tournament organizers. Founded By Kishor Gawai and Prashant Gawai, a combination of sports and business – Kishor Gawai is the director with an experience of 12+ years in sports field, whereas Prashant Gawai is the co-owner: AIFF and Futsal Accredited Coach who has also completed his Scouting Course with Professional Football Scouts Association. Ave Maria Sports Academy has the perfect understanding of what is required by a sportsperson, a coach, a parent, and the workings of the business of sports management. Ave Maria Sports Academy is now available across multiple sports PAN INDIA.